Hoeveel Vitamine D is optimaal - Dr Heaney

Minimale dosis of streven naar optimaal gehalte

Meestal wordt de dagelijks inname vitamine D bekeken ivm met de benodigde minimale dosis om één of andere aandoeniong niet te krijgen. Die lage doseringen staan mijlenver af van wat je zou kunnen supplementeren met algehele gezondheid als doel.

Dr. Robert Heaney is een professor en een van de meest gerespecteerde onderzoekers in het veld.
Hij heeft meer dan 50 jaar de samenhang van osteoporose, vitamine D en calcium bestudeerd.

Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Heaney (Full Interview)

We need to know how much VitD we need every day

Vitamin D is a profoundly important nutrient that provides a vast array of health benefits.
The question is, do we really need to supplement, and if we do, what's the proper dosage?

Dr. Robert Heaney is a professor and one of the most well-respected researchers in the field.
He has studied osteoporosis, vitamin D, and calcium physiology for over 50 years.

Trained as a physician and endocrinologist, he’s been working at the Creighton University’s Osteoporosis Research Center, which he founded, since the late 1960s, with a focus on bone biology.

"Inevitably, when you deal with bones, sooner or later, your path crosses with vitamin D, which is vital and important for a whole host of functions," he says. "The most obvious of which is the promotion of calcium absorption, because you need calcium for bone health."

For the last two decades, Dr. Heaney has focused almost exclusively on vitamin D, noting that:

"We need to know how much we need every day. We need to know where to get it. We need to know how much the body uses every day, via what pathway and for what purposes..."

While thousands of papers have been published on the mechanisms of vitamin D, very few studies have homed in on the issue of how much you actually need, and how best to get it.

“When I first got involved with the measurement of calcium absorption, I assumed that it had all been worked out. But I found that there was not a single paper in the medical literature... that had measured how much vitamin D you needed for calcium absorption nor how much absorption a certain amount of vitamin D might produce.”

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